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Monica ritterband
– An evening with Monica Ritterband

Monica Ritterband’s talk is about life quality in general. The target group comprises people who are in the middle of life, just like she is, and who are in the process of reflecting about what life now has to offer. She speaks to an audience that is curious, and has the will and desire for change as well as a wish to experience new horizons in themselves and the outside world.

The talk covers aging, optimism versus pessimism, love, and daring to make choices and venture forth. Monica Ritterband’s talk is honest and light but also serious. She jokes about herself and life. She speaks about the concept of career, which she turns upside down, the concepts optimism versus pessimism, and taking action and making choices no matter where you are in your life.

She speaks about work life, love life and the present moment. »You have one life – you do not know thedeparture date – so you must not procrastinate whatever it is you are passionate about,« says Monica Ritterband. She has taken the consequence of her own words and in 1997 quit her good job as Vicepresident in the Carlsberg concern in order to dedicate herself to the life of an artist – which she lives to the fullest.

She has welded gigantic sculptures that are located in public squares and created a series of groundbreaking designs for the applied arts. She has won the international and prestigious »Red Dot Design Award« for her Morsø wood stove series. She created the renowned set »Musica« for Royal Copenhagen and for Georg Jensen Damask she has invented the »Humanes«, which are small creatures with huge heads of hair and each their own personality and dignity. Monica Ritterband will bring both universes, the Notes and the Humanes, with her in the form of fine, colourful reprints, so the evening will also include an artistic experience.

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monica ritterband