Monica ritterband

Frederikshavn Art Museum: »Walking through Monica Ritterband’s exhibition is like going on an adventure, where each piece of art insistently calls for attention and challenges the viewer’s imagination and empathy. The artistic language she uses ranges from the elegant and refined to the simple and direct - but never without the main symbol of the note – and never without an intense expression. It
is exciting and impressive to see how Monica Ritterband is able to maintain this expression whether it is compressed in a small piece
of art or is unfolded in size XL.«

Editor and art critic Ole Lindboe:She so obviously comprises talent, imagination, feeling and will. By any measure, she is a generous artist, partly because her talent is so multi-faceted. She paints, creates mosaics, sculpts and has a fine sense for creating original art and design. »Initially, a visit in Monica Ritterband’s artistic universe just requires the viewer to be curious and open. It then unfolds itself and becomes much more. Especially immersion.«

Women’s Museum in Denmark: »She shows great breadth. It spans from the impressive, millimetre-small glass mosaics to the rustic steel and iron sculptures that adorn private and public buildings. She is dreamy, expressive, violent and rustic, but also the opposite – fine
and distinguished - in her expression. She plays with colours and
shapes with ease and suppleness, but primarily you experience her
soul in her works. She is a sensitive artist who is all her own and has her own style.«

Royal Copenhagen: » Citizens in several Danish municipalities can enjoy her gigantic and elegant steel sculptures daily. The family of
notes has been part of Monica Ritterband’s artistic universe for many years and now the personable little notes can also be found on royal porcelain.«

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monica ritterband